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Live a healthy life with Alfa Vitamins supplement and vitamin store online. Alfa Vitamins makes it easier to purchase the everyday vitamins and supplements you need for a healthy lifestyle. Shop our wide selection of daily multivitamins, mental focus and energy, bone and joint support, health and beauty, hair care, stress management, immune support, vision support, and more.  

Life gets busy, so let Alfa Vitamins ensure you get the nutrients you need for your health. We manufacture high-quality tablets, capsules, powders, creams, and liquids using our own in-house formulas. When you choose Alfa Vitamins, we guarantee you natural ingredient supplements for your everyday nutrition and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alfa Vitamins is your convenient supplement and vitamin store online that guarantees you 100 percent satisfaction. As an added bonus, we ship worldwide! 

About Alfa Vitamins

Our facilities are located in Doral City, Florida, in the United States of America.

Our laboratories have the latest technology and the capacity to produce 250,000 bottles per day on five production lines. We have departments for development and quality control, and internal laboratory for analysis physic-chemical and microbiological.

We have a facility of 160,460 square feet, of which 95,000 square feet are conveniently air-conditioned. These capabilities include administrative offices, manufacturing and warehouses.

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